Welcome to Sundowners Family Restaurant

We are a family-owned American restaurant that has been serving the Fontana and San Bernardino communities for over 38 years.

Our goal is to provide a family-friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy great food and great company.

  • We serve the best food in town.
  • Always fresh
  • Fast and friendly service.
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We have two locations, visit us today for great dining!

Today, Sundowners Family Restaurants have an exciting mission, to help people become what they want, through education, hard work, and focus. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. We need to go back to our roots, and tell the tale of Sundowners.

Over thirty-eight years ago, the legend began, with a family restaurant, dedicated to providing quality food at incredibly reasonable prices. It started small, but the people of countryside soon recognized that there was something special about Sundowners Family Restaurants. A place where the entire family could afford to come and sit together while enjoying a great meal. Family has always been the hallmark of Sundowners, not only for our loyal customers, but also our employees. Many of the staff have been working to serve our customers for more than thirty-eight years. Over the years, a few have gotten a little gray haired, just as many of our customers have.

Today, we are working to provide a quality dining experience for all of our customers in several ways. First, the menu prices have changed a little over the years, but remain as reasonable as they possibly can. To accomplish this, we buy quality commodities from the best vendors in the area. This allows us to offer a lunch and dinner menu, which is truly affordable for a family. Secondly, we are providing a working environment where the staff is recognized for their great service. We attempt to offer above average rate of pay to all employees, plus we provide a pathway for those that choose to grow and a take on greater role in serving our customers. We accomplish this through offering a management training program that any staff member can qualify for. We feel it is our responsibility to help change people lives, and help them to take advantage of all that this great country has to offer.

We love the restaurant business! We love serving our great customers, and hope to continue for many years to come. Thank you for your loyalty over the years.